About Blairstown Distributors Inc,

In 1980 Bob Kren decided to build his own log home, which included felling his own trees and hand scribing the logs to fit. Bob knew that his home would need a high-quality wood preservative product. This led him on a two-year worldwide search culminating in his discovery of WOODguard, which was then manufactured by Chapman Chemical Company in Memphis, Tennessee. Bob was so impressed with this product that in 1983, he started selling it, and Blairstown Distributors, Inc. was created.

WOODguard proved to be a complete and user-friendly wood preservative that could be tinted with semi-transparent colors; and being a preservative, it controlled decay, fungi, mold, termites, and powder post beetles. The log home market, however, was demanding lighter and more natural colors, so over the next few years Blairstown Distributors carried out hundreds of tests on color application, packaging, and marketing of this product. One of the most important discoveries made was that through careful use of additional resins, surfactants, and universal colorants, we were able to invent a procedure whereby we were able to high-speed blend and package colorant in one-quart cans. All the customer had to do was mix this quart of colorant into five-gallons of WOODguard, creating an accurate fresh mix of color each time. This was accomplished when all of the so-called paint experts said that the problems would outweigh the benefits. This method turned out to be so effective and reliable that it has created an industry. Color provides a sunscreen and thereby prevents graying caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun.:

Because of the quality and reliability of WOODguard, Blairstown Distributors has become the largest distributor of WOODguard in the world over the last twenty years. This enables us to buy in larger quantities and allows us to pass the savings on to you. COMPARE AND SAVE. See our pricing page for quantity discount pricing or call us at 1-800-524-1093.

Any log home worth building deserves to be around for at least a hundred years. Left unprotected they seldom do. Why? It’s very simple. From the moment a tree is felled, it must face an onslaught of nature’s most effective forces in the form of secondary invaders we call fungus, mildew, wood rot, and boring and chewing insects. And make no mistake about it; they intend to take your house back to nature. However, there is much we can do to postpone this as evidenced by many log homes in Europe that are well over three hundred years old. While it is true that these old log buildings did not have chemical treatments for their preservation, it is usually a given fact that they followed many of the rules such as designing with great overhangs and Alpine rakes of up to four feet. They also used winter cut logs of the highest quality and considered the lay of the land for natural protection. Those homes of yesteryear that did not make it down through the decades usually failed to do so because of wood rot. Regardless of whether it was the roof rotting off or the sill log, it was probably wood rot.

So if you have researched sufficiently, shopped around, planned, and built to the best of your ability, there remains only one more rule to follow. KEEP IT DRY. That is the bottom line. Keep water out!

No other preservative does this as well as WOODguard.
WOODguard is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a wood preservative and only products registered as preservatives, CAN MAKE CLAIMS OF WOOD PRESERVATION.

Its active ingredient is COPPER-8-QUINOLINOLATE, and it is best known for its environmental responsibility and effectiveness, If you go through the last two decades or so worth of log home magazines, you will see the words ISK Biocides, WOODguard, and Copper-8 over and over again. Many of today’s manufacturers and builders not only recommend WOODguard but also include it in their kits, tying it into their guarantee because it is so effective.

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