WOODguard vs Defy Saver Systems


EPA Registered Wood Preservative

Contains Copper 8 quinolinolate

Controls termites and anabiid beetles

Inhibits mold and fungal organisms

One coat coverage

Non-film forming

Contains non nutritive oils

Trans oxide pigments

Exterior Only

Freeze / Thaw stable: Indefinite Shelf List

Signal Word: Caution

Defy Saver Systems

Not a Wood Preservative

Contains no active ingredients against decay

No insecticidal properties

No Fungicidal Properties – Surface Mildew Only

2 wet on wet coats required

Film former. (Dried product cannot be removed from concrete or masonry)

Contains a blend of natural and synthetic resins

Type of pigments is unspecified.

Exterior, vertical and horizontal surfaces

Shelf Life: 18 – 24 months.

Signal Word: Caution