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Hyde Stir Whip


Hyde’s heavy-duty drill mixer is the perfect solution for thoroughly mixing a 5-gallon bucket of stain before application. It attaches to an electric drill and has a nylon tip that reaches to the bottom of the bucket and effectively scrapes every corner.

The benefits:

  • Maximum lift from the bottom of containers
  • Low drag for mixing thick materials with less power so it won’t kill your battery
  • Flexes to fit through 5-gallon pour spout for use without opening the bucket
  • Cleans up in seconds
  • Great solution for large buckets with a bunghole lid design like the WOODguard and Armstrong-Clark stains

Discount: $11.99 w/ purchase of WOODguard or Armstrong-Clark (discount automatically applied in cart)


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  • Description

    Product Description

    Watch the manufacturer’s video for more information:

    Instructions for mixing WOODguard & Armstrong-Clark buckets with Hyde Stir Whip:

    These exterior stains must be mixed thoroughly, making sure that all ingredients have been removed from the bottom of the container. Attach the Hyde Stir Whip to an electric drill and insert through the bunghole to mix, making sure that it reaches all the way to the bottom of the bucket.

    • If using a WOODguard custom color, mix the entire quart of tint into the 5-gallon bucket before mixing
    • If using Bee Gone, MX-3 or NBS 30, also mix the entire bottle(s) into the 5-gallon bucket before mixing

    IMPORTANT: keep the stain well mixed! Colorant will settle out quickly. To maintain color uniformity, make sure to mix the bucket whenever you take out more stain.

    Manufacturer’s Directions:

    For use with most viscous fluids in 1- to 5-gallon containers. Use a variable speed drill 500-1,500 rpm. Begin at bottom at low speeds. Do not operate mixer outside container. To clean, run in bucket of water.

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