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    Product Description

    1 Gallon of Concentrate mixes with 4 gallons of Mineral Spirits to make 5 gallons.

    Outlast Deck Seal Concentrate has been formulated specifically for preserving the functionality and beauty of exterior wood surfaces. Outlast is the perfect blend of resins, waterproofing agents, UV inhibitors, and semi-transparent iron oxides in a base designed to stop the unsightly graying of wood even as it brings a halt to the warps, checks, and splits of unprotected wood swelling and shrinking under the influence of rain and sun. Outlast leaves a beautifully tinted, hydrophobically modified surface that resists the growth of mold and mildew without obscuring the grain of the wood.

    Expect average coverage for the first coat to be between 150 to 250 square feet per gallon of diluted product depending on the dryness and porosity of the wood. The second coat will use considerably less than the first coat

    IMPORTANT: Mix 1 part Deck Seal Concentrate  to 4 parts Mineral Spirits. Do not apply undiluted.


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    Additional Information


    Red Maple, Golden, Walnut

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