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Outlast Deck Seal


Outlast Deck Seal is an oil-based, semi-transparent stain concentrate designed for decks and fences.

  • Waterproofing agents help seal wood against mold and mildew
  • UV inhibitors fight the unsightly graying of wood
  • Protects wood from swelling and shrinking under the influence of rain and sun
  • Helps prevent warping, checking, and splitting
  • Comes in 3 semi-transparent colors
  • One gallon of concentrate mixes with 4 gallons of mineral spirits for 5 gallons of total stain – an advantage for tighter budgets


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  • Description

    Product Description


    One gallon of Outlast Deck Seal will cover 750-1250 ft² once diluted depending on the wood’s dryness and porosity. If using a second coat, the wood will take considerably less stain than it did for the first coat.

    IMPORTANT: Mix 1 part Deck Seal Concentrate to 4 parts Mineral Spirits. Do not apply undiluted concentrate.

    How to Apply Outlast Deck Seal:

    1. Clean your wood thoroughly with an excellent wash or cleaner. Power wash the residue using low pressure to remove deposits of mold and mildew. Make sure you allow time for the wood to dry.
    2. Dilute the deck seal with mineral spirits (4 gallons mineral spirits per gallon of concentrate).
    3. Mix thoroughly until the concentrate is completely combined with the mineral spirits. The deck seal concentrate may settle after dilution, so continue to stir or shake it periodically while applying it. (Large tanks of diluted deck seal should be fitted with an automatic means of agitation.)
    4. Apply the deck seal using a sprayer, brush or roller. Make sure you apply it evenly for good absorption. A second coat may be added for deeper color and greater protection. If you do decide to do a second coat, apply it within three to six hours of the first coat (depending on the heat and humidity.) Wipe up any unabsorbed stain within 2-3 hours.
    5. Allow the deck seal to dry overnight before walking on decks.

    Product comparisons:

    We also carry Armstrong-Clark’s Deck Stain for more color options in a ready-to-use formula and WOODguard’s Swedish Wood Oil for a non-tinted, weathered look in the cape cod style.

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