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WOODguard stains are our passion. We’ve been a WOODguard distributor for over 40 years, and our staff understands the log home maintenance industry on a deep level. We treat first time log home buyers and large log home building companies with the same level of care and attention, offering our expertise and guidance for proper use of all WOODguard products. Please don’t hesitate to call us with your questions Monday-Friday 9 am-4 pm EST at 1-800-524-1093.

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Now Offering a Premium Deck Stain by Armstrong-Clark

For years, we’ve been looking for a stain for decks that can compare to WOODguard’s unrivaled performance for log homes. And now we’ve finally found it! Armstrong-Clark’s oil-based stains are perfect for decks because, like WOODguard, they penetrate deeply into the wood but also dry very quickly, the one thing that WOODguard stains don’t do. It’s easy to apply, long-lasting, and offers a collection of beautiful colors that will enrich any deck. 

Other Log Home Maintenance Products

BeeGone - $46.99 - 56.99

A powerful insecticide for carpenter bees.

NBS 30 - $51.99 - 56.99

A citronella oil-based repellant for carpenter bees.

MX-3 - $18.00 - $24.00

An extra mildewcide for houses in humid areas.

Sikaflex 219LM - $118.99 - $199.99

A tan-colored caulk sealer for log homes.

Hyde Stir Whip - $11.99 - $18.00

The perfect solution for thoroughly mixing a bucket of stain.

WOODguard Surface Prep - $16.00 - $25.00

A cleaner for new, unfinished wood.

What Other Customers Say about WOODguard

Jim Croxton, homeowner:

We built our house in 1985, cladding it in Western red cedar, rough sawn. After a lot of investigation into the best type of stain/finish to use, I realized that any urethane product would be a mistake—we needed an oil penetrating stain for this rough surface. We settled on WOODguard, hoping the anti algae properties would help durability. Lots of color choices—we chose Light Cypress, after sending for several different samples, which was very helpful. 

The house looked fantastic when all stained.

Touched up a bit in 1995, completely re-stained in 2004, and now we are planning to re-stain one side. So, as to durability, WOODguard certainly proved to be a winner.  The picture was taken today.  Still looks great.

Dean Jernstrom, contractor:

I began using WOODguard log home stain approximately 14 years ago. I worked at a log home company in NH when the owner of the log home company asked my buddy and I if we were interested in doing the interiors and exteriors of our homes. So basically my partner and I started staining our own log homes. We experimented with 2 other stain companies before starting to use WOODguard…

There may be other stains on the market, but the only stain we use is WOODguard. I have a business to run and refuse to use any other product on any of the homes I quote.

Our Story

How it All Started

In 1980, founders Bob and Pam Kren started building their own log home out in rural NJ. Bob felled the trees himself and hand scribed the logs to fit. Their dream home was going to be gorgeous, so Bob knew that he would need a high-quality wood stain to keep it that way. Two years later he found WOODguard, an EPA-registered wood preservative and stain (now manufactured by ISK Biocides). Bob was so impressed with WOODguard’s performance that he started selling it in 1983, and Blairstown Distributors was born.


Becoming the Largest WOODguard Dealer

Early on, Blairstown Distributors carried out hundreds of tests and created our own set of semi-transparent colors to enhance the wood’s natural beauty. We carry more colors than any other WOODguard distributor, offering 22 including the manufacturer’s colors. As business slowly grew over the next few decades, we became the largest WOODguard dealer in the world, enabling us to buy in larger quantities and pass the savings on to our customers.


Staying True to Our Roots

When the Krens retired in 2020, they transferred the business to then-manager Mark Smith. Mark had been with Blairstown Distributors for 7 years, and he’d worked with WOODguard as a contractor even before that. Mark noticed that houses stained with WOODguard never had rot and that it was easy to reapply the stain. Never needing to strip the stain was a key point for Mark, as anyone who has ever done that mind-numbing work will understand.


Image: Mark with Bob & Pam in front of their log home (also pictured below)

Blairstown Distributors holds true to the same principles of integrity, excellent customer service, and passion for log home maintenance that enabled us to become successful in the first place. We’re a small family-owned and operated business, and we’re dedicated to helping you keep your home looking its best. Explore our other log home maintenance products here and please don’t hesitate to call us at 800-524-1093 with any questions.

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Now offering a new premium deck stain by Armstrong-Clark | Free shipping on all orders!
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