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Yacht Basin,Havre de Grace,USA – August 23,2011 :
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Yacht Basin,Havre de Grace,USA – August 23,2011 :
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Swedish Wood Oil


WOODguard Swedish Wood Oil (SWO) is a deck protectant designed for pressure-treated wood.

  • For pressure-treated wood decks, docks, pilings, fences, storage buildings & all other pressure-treated wood
  • Water-repellent
  • Retards warping, cupping, splitting & nail popping
  • Dries into the wood and will never crack or peel
  • Clear; allows wood to gray naturally
  • Restores wood lubricity typically lost during pressure treatment


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  • Description

    Product Description

    WOODguard Swedish Wood Oil is a sub-surface lubricant. It absorbs into the wood and bonds with its cell structure, where the oils lubricate & stabilize the wood. SWO meets VOC standards in all 50 states.


    One gallon of Swedish Wood Oil covers 250-300 ft².

    Mixing Instructions:

    Swedish Wood Oil should be mixed thoroughly, making sure that all ingredients have been removed from the bottom of the container. For the 5-gallon bucket, we recommend using a drill mixer like the Hyde Stir Whip that can reach and scrape the entire bottom of the bucket. If using a mixer, attach to an electric drill and insert through the bunghole to mix. Make sure that the mixer reaches all the way to the bottom of the bucket. If this is not an option, you can also use a clean bucket and pour the contents of the stain bucket into it. Use a small amount of Mineral Spirits or Paint Thinner to retrieve the majority of any material left in the bottom of the bucket and add it back into the mixed bucket.

    • If using Bee Gone, MX-3 or NBS 30, mix the entire bottle(s) into the Swedish Wood Oil 5-gallon bucket before mixing

    IMPORTANT: keep the stain well mixed! Colorant will settle out quickly. To maintain color uniformity, make sure to mix the bucket whenever you take out more stain.

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    1 Questions about Swedish Wood Oil

    1. I’ve been using honey 2000 on my log home.I’ve also been using it on my decks. Is it okay to use log wall stain on the horizontal decks?


      1. Hi Douglas,

        The Swedish Wood Oil is designed for decks as well as docks, but it allows the wood to gray naturally for a cape cod look. If you’re using WOODguard Exterior for your home and would like to use the same color on your deck, you have a couple of different options.

        1) We recommend matching the color of your home to a similar color of Armstrong-Clark Deck Stain. This stain is a penetrating oil like WOODguard, it’s meant for decks, and you can choose between 17 colors to get one that will complement your home.

        2) Some customers do apply WOODguard Exterior to their deck, although the manufacturer doesn’t recommend using it on contact surfaces. This is because it’s a non-drying, penetrating oil that will leave some residue on the surface of the wood which could come off on clothes or shoes. Customers who want to use it anyway will often apply it in the fall so that the deck won’t get much use for a few months and some of that residue will come off in rain or snow, or they’ll wash it thoroughly with a mild dish soap and hose a couple of days after applying it.