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What is WOODguard?

WOODguard is a one coat, oil based EPA registered wood preservative, designed for exterior log homes and siding. This product contains titanium dioxide which reduces damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It is available in 6 pre-tint colors and 14 Blairstown Distributor additional colors.

How much WOODguard will I need?

On initial applications one gallon of WOODguard will cover approximately 150 square feet of re-sawn cedar siding or about 200 square feet of logs. To use a rough calculation, multiply the length times the height of the home times 1.4 (Area = Length X Height X 1.4). The 0.4 takes into account eves and the curvature of the logs. Always apply as much WOODguard as can be absorbed by the wood. Only one coat is required. However, that one coat must be applied to the point of refusal.

When is a good time to apply WOODguard?

The best time to apply WOODguard is when the minimum night-time temperature is 50°F or higher. Do not apply during or right after a rain. The wood surface must be dry before you initiate application.

Is WOODguard VOC compliant?

WOODguard is VOC compliant and meets all current state and federal air quality requirements. The active ingredient, copper 8 quinolinolate is suitable for use on wood that may have incidental food contact.

How does WOODguard work?

WOODguard’s oil formula penetrates deeply into the wood structure, coating the wood cells where it molecularly bonds into the wood. WOODguard will not form a film so therefore can’t ever crack or peel.

What type of caulk should I use with WOODguard?

A polyurethane caulk is usually best; caulking is generally done before applying WOODguard. Always caulk on clean, dry surfaces, the more caulk in contact with a substrate the greater the adhesion. Caulk around windows and doors and in corners where logs are scribed to fit. When using WOODguard, unlike other products it is normally not necessary to caulk cracks and checks within the log.
Consult our customer service department for specific recommendations.

Can I use WOODguard on the interior of my log home?

No, WOODguard Exterior is not recommended for indoors or contact surfaces. We recommend WOODguard ITF for this purpose. 

The WOODguard on my house went on VERY dark. It is way darker than the color shown in pictures and on the website. What's wrong?

On old wood, WOODguard can go on very dark as the wood has become very porous. However, WOODguard will lighten considerably during the cure period. To keep your house from darkening with subsequent reapplications, it is important to follow our cleaning protocol. If you reapply the WOODguard without cleaning, it will tend to darken the wood substantially.

Where can I buy WOODguard?

Blairstown Distributors is the oldest WOODguard dealer with over 40 years experience. We offer free shipping and helpful customer service. You can order online or call us at 800-524-1093 to place your order.

Is WOODguard easy to use?

WOODguard is easy to apply with a brush, coarse spray or roller. We recommend using a garden pump-up sprayer and back brushing the stain into the wood. WOODguard should be applied to the point of refusal and only needs one coat. It cleans up easily with mineral spirits. (Do not apply with an airless sprayer.)

How do I prepare my wood before applying WOODguard?

We recommend thoroughly cleaning your wood before applying WOODguard to make sure you get rid of any mildew or loose dirt. After wetting down the wood, spray on a TSP and bleach cleaning solution (for one gallon of water, mix in a quart of bleach and 8 oz of TSP, a household cleaner that can be found at your local hardware store.) Make sure to immediately lightly power-wash the wood off before this solution has a chance to dry to prevent the bleach from damaging the wood.

Once the wood is clean, wait until the surface is dry before applying WOODguard.

What are the benefits of using WOODguard?

WOODguard protects against cupping, curling and warping. WOODguard controls fungus, wood decay, mold, mildew, termites and powder-post beetles with its EPA registered wood preservative Copper-8-Quinolinolate. WOODguard penetrates deeply and cures below the wood surface to enhance the natural beauty of wood. WOODguard protects the wood against damaging UV rays and preserves the natural beauty of your log home for years.

My house has 3,000 square feet of exterior surface area to treat. My contractor applied 7 gallons of WOODguard. Three months later it looks like it's gone. What's wrong?

Way too little WOODguard was applied. A 3000 square foot house should always use at least 3 five-gallon buckets of stain. Always apply WOODguard to the point of refusal. If you can’t get new wood to accept at least a gallon of product per 200 square foot area, it may have a mill glaze problem or the wood may be too wet.

When should I add additional mildewcide to my WOODguard? What kind is recommended?

WOODguard contains its own mildewcide, which is adequate for homes in most areas. However, for homes in very humid, rainy or shady locations, we recommend adding our MX-3 mildewcide to provide additional protection. Extremely dirty surfaces or inadequately ventilated areas will also be prone to mildew problems.

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