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WOODguard Interior (ITF)



Protect and preserve the natural beauty of your interior wood with our water-based WOODguard ITF (Interior Transparent Finish). Developed expressly for log and timber-framed homes, WOODguard ITF helps highlight the wood grain on interior walls and trim. It contains a high-density, acrylic latex blended with a special wax to provide a tough, transparent and breathable finish. WOODguard ITF also offers easy cleanup, and dries rapidly for greater flexibility. Plus it meets VOC standards in all 50 states.


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  • Description

    Product Description

    One gallon covers 500 ft² on smooth wood and 250 ft² on rough wood for the first coat. A second coat will cover a greater surface area than the first.


  • Reviews (5)

    5 reviews for WOODguard Interior (ITF)

    1. Garrett Johnson

      Higly recommended

    2. Mike Cline

      Perfect finish.  Perfect results.

    3. Janice Dossie

      My log home interior still looks brand new 5 years later. Making sure my contractor uses this on my addition.

    4. Joshua James

      As a contractor, I would recommend using this product on all log home interiors.

    5. Stephen Lawler

      This was used in my home and I love the results/

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