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WOODguard Interior (ITF)

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WOODguard Interior Transparent Finish is a clear, water-based finish designed to highlight the wood grain on interior walls and trim of log homes.

  •  Ideal for all interior wood surfaces including paneling and unpainted doors & cabinets (not recommended for floors)
  • Protects & highlights wood grain while sealing out dust, dirt and household odors
  • Water-based for easy cleanup & quick drying
  • Water-repellent finish with low-luster satin sheen
  • Washable, non-yellowing transparent film


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  • Description

    Product Description

    WOODguard Interior contains a high-density, acrylic latex blended with a special wax to provide a tough, transparent and breathable finish. It contains no ammonia or harsh odors and meets VOC standards in all 50 states.

    WOODguard Interior Coverage:

    One gallon of WOODguard Interior covers 500 ft² on smooth wood and 250 ft² on rough wood (for the first coat). A second coat will cover a greater surface area than the first.

    Mixing Instructions:

    WOODguard Interior should be mixed thoroughly, making sure that all ingredients have been removed from the bottom of the container. For the 5-gallon bucket, we recommend using a drill mixer like the Hyde Stir Whip that can reach and scrape the entire bottom of the bucket. If using a mixer, attach to an electric drill and insert through the bunghole to mix. Make sure that the mixer reaches all the way to the bottom of the bucket. Now if this is not an option, you can also use a clean bucket and pour the contents of the stain bucket into it. Use a small amount of Mineral Spirits or Paint Thinner to retrieve the majority of any material left in the bottom of the WOODguard Interior bucket and add it back into the mixed bucket.

    IMPORTANT: keep the stain well mixed! Colorant will settle out quickly. To maintain color uniformity, make sure to mix the bucket whenever you take out more stain.

  • Reviews (5)

    5 reviews for WOODguard Interior (ITF)

    1. Stephen Lawler

      This was used in my home and I love the results/

    2. Joshua James

      As a contractor, I would recommend using this product on all log home interiors.

    3. Janice Dossie

      My log home interior still looks brand new 5 years later. Making sure my contractor uses this on my addition.

    4. Mike Cline

      Perfect finish.  Perfect results.

    5. Garrett Johnson

      Higly recommended

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  • Q&A (2)

    2 Questions about WOODguard Interior (ITF)

    1. Can a Stain color be added to Woodguard Interior ITF? We would like a light colored stain on the interior logs of our new log home.


    2. How long does it need to Dry? Is it possible to get a sample to test? How about using it in a bathroom with log and pine wood Walls? I just put in a new shower and I need to resend log walls and pine wood ceiling and walls.


      1. Hi Marcia,

        WOODguard Interior dries quickly, usually within an hour under ideal conditions. The manufacturer does offer samples of interior WOODguard (call 800-238-2523 to order these). And yes, ITF can be used in bathrooms, although we recommend applying two coats in moist environments.