WOODguard vs Men-Wood


EPA Registered Wood Preservative

Pigment content: 3% or more

(non-nutritive) petroleum oil based 100% non drying, non evaporative

.675% Copper 8 quinolinolate (3 times the copper needed to kill a termite)

Copper 8: Proven decay control.  Stops Rot!

Totally non-film forming

Signal Word: Caution

Freeze / Thaw stable

Cannot crack or peel

Sanding Never Recommended

Clean Up: Detergent and Water

One Coat Coverage


Not a Wood Preservative

Pigment content: 3%

(nutritive) Linseed Oil based product 23.9% evaporatives

VOC compliant

Contains no termiticide or moldicide for wood preservation

Contains no mildewcide or fungicide for anything but film surface protection

Film Forming: label claims 75% of this product is “solid” – cannot penetrate the surface


Issue not addressed

Subject to Cracking and/Or Peeling

See directions: Sanding may be required

Clean Up: Solvent

Two Coats Required