WOODguard vs High Sierra (Sashco)


EPA Registered Wood Preservative

Contains Copper 8 quinolinolate

Controls termites and anabiid beetles

Inhibits mold and fungal organisms

One coat coverage

No lap or brush marks EVER

Non-film forming

Cannot crack or peel

Freeze / Thaw stable

Signal Word: Caution

Detergent and water clean-up

ShelfSurface prep: power wash

Shelf Life: Many Years.

High Sierra (Sashco)

Not a Wood Preservative

Contains no active ingredients against decay

No insecticidal properties

No fungicidal properties – Does not even claim to have Surface Mildewcide

3-step process: Wood preservative or Borate, Followed by 2 Coats of High Sierra

Apply in the Shade to limit lap and brush marks – work quickly

VOC compliant

Alkyd/Acrylic film former

Subject to Cracking and/Or Peeling

Store at room temperature

Signal Word: Warning

Soap and water clean up when wet. – Mineral spirits when dry

Surface Prep: Sanding Recommended

Shelf Life: 18 months