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Swedish Wood Oil by WOODguard

Developed in Sweden to Protect “CCA” Pressure Treated Wood from the Harsh Nordic Weather, Swedish Wood Oil Repels Water, Promotes Wood Stability and Highlights Wood Tones.  WOODguard SWO is Clear and Water Repellent. SWO prevents warping, cupping, splitting and nail popping and is especially designed for pressure treated lumber, restoring lubricity lost during the pressure treatment process. Swedish Wood Oil will never crack or peel.

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Swedish Wood Oil
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Each changing season causes dimensional stresses that can splinter and physically damage cedar and pine “treated” decks. Developed in Sweden to protect “CCA” pressure treated wood from the harsh Nordic weather, Swedish Wood Oil repels water, promotes wood stability and highlights wood tones. It allows the wood to weather naturally to a beautiful driftwood gray color.

Swedish Wood Oil is absorbed into the wood and bonds with the cell structure. The oils lubricate and stabilize the wood while repelling water. Swedish Wood Oil helps retard warping, cupping, splitting and nail popping. One moderate coat of Swedish Wood Oil promotes dimensional stability, and special penetrating oils restore the natural lubricity of the wood, often lost in the pressure treating process. Swedish Wood Oil is recommended for use on pressure treated wood decks, fences, storage buildings and all other pressure treated wood construction projects.

Use: Swedish Wood Oil is a colorless water repellent treatment for pressure treated wood. Pressure treatment effectively preserves wood against insect attack and degradation from molds and fungi growth. It is not, however, immune from the damaging effects of water. Pressure treatment causes wood to become highly porous and water absorbent. In winter, water will freeze in the pores of the wood cell structure and then thaw, eventually causing the wood to become brittle. Direct sun and heat of summer further dry the wood which eventually warps and splits long before it ever rots from decay.

Swedish Wood Oil dries into the wood and does not provide any color. Application of Swedish Wood Oil will give wood an oiled appearance which weathers out to a silvery grey color over time.

Subsequent Treatments: Re-apply when the surface exhibits signs of water absorption.

One coat application. Expect approximately 100 – 300 square feet per gallon. Damp or new pressure treated lumber will not allow Swedish Wood Oil to penetrate as well as dry, seasoned wood. Swedish Wood Oil will allow the wood to gray with time, but can be used to help retard warping, cupping, splitting and nail popping that is common with pressure treated lumber. After a season or two, other oil based tinted stains can be applied over Swedish Wood Oil.
Do Not attempt to apply latex finishes / stains over Swedish Wood Oil.

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