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WOODguard Samples


WOODguard stain samples come in one package that includes 15 colors. Since the colors will look very different depending on the age & type of wood, it’s important to test with samples before ordering your stain. The only way to know for sure how a particular WOODguard color will appear on YOUR wood is to try a liquid sample.


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  • Description

    Product Description

    Not all of our colors are included in the WOODguard stain samples pack because some of the older colors look very similar to newer colors.

    Colors included:

    • Alder
    • Amber Honey
    • Cedar Bark
    • Dark Walnut
    • Honey
    • Honey Base
    • Honey Cedar
    • Honey 2000
    • Iron Gray
    • Lt Cypress
    • Lt Pecan
    • Lt Red Maple
    • Tamarack
    • Tawny Cypress
    • Warm Pecan

    Colors NOT included:

    • Buckskin
    • Clear
    • Juniper
    • Flemish brown
    • Chestnut
    • Colonial cherry
    • Redwood
    • Sienna

    Application Instructions:

    Before applying the samples, please ensure the surface is clean and that the wood is dry. Once you’ve chosen a color and are ready to apply the WOODguard stain, see this video for the manufacturer’s more detailed instructions:

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    1 Questions about WOODguard Samples

    1. How big is each sample?


      1. Hi Deeann, The samples come in very small vials that each contain 1 dram (or 0.06 oz) WOODguard. One sample will cover about a 6-inch by 6-inch area of wood.